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About Stephanie Nystrom About Stephanie Nystrom

Stephanie Nystrom

About Stephanie Nystrom

I Understand the Importance of Family and the Value of Providing Opportunities for Our Children

When I was growing up, my mom worked multiple jobs to try to make ends meet. She insisted that her children go to college so that we could have a better life than she had.

Thanks to low tuition, financial aid, and working various jobs, I was able to graduate from college debt free and achieve a better life. Too many of our children don’t have the same opportunity that I had – those who are able to go to college, often graduate with crushing debt and are then unable to find full-time, well-paying jobs. I will work hard in Salem to make college and career training programs more affordable and accessible to all Oregonians.

My husband and I started our computer engineering business 25 years ago. In addition to providing for our family, owning our own business has given us the flexibility we needed to be active members of our community.

For 22 years I’ve worked to improve our community – in education, family services, literacy programs, land use and environmental protection. We raised our children with the tradition of community service – volunteering in classrooms and libraries, restoring public lands, collecting and sorting food for food banks – and I’m very proud that they all continue to make volunteer service a priority in their adult lives. I’m proud of the difference that we’ve made, but it’s not enough. Our classrooms are getting more crowded and our school year is getting shorter. Small businesses struggle to succeed as huge corporations get tax breaks and preferential treatment. Too many families aren’t able to afford a place to live, medical care and food. I will be a strong advocate in Salem for stable school funding, ending child hunger, and access to housing and medical care.

Our Families Deserve Better and I Will Work Hard to Make Opportunities for a Better Life Available for All Oregonians

Signed, Stephanie Nystrom

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